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Fancy Colors of Diamonds

Diamonds could be of all colors actually, but usually they are divided into two main groups: colorless and fancy colored diamonds. Colorless diamonds are considered to be traditional transparent flawless gems without any impurity intrusion. The best colorless gems is the one without any color, however such gemstones are relatively rare to be found in nature. Fancy colored diamonds are gems of yellow, orange, canary, cognac, blue, green, pink, red and even black colors. Usually, yellow diamonds outnumber the rest colored diamonds. This is nitrogen element that tinges diamonds into all shades of yellow from light lemon to dark brownish yellow. Except nitrogen, there is boron element that infiltrates diamonds and makes them shine blue. As the number of inclusions that tinge diamonds into various colors is limited, fancy colored diamonds are very rare in nature.

Due to contemporary technologies it became possible to create rare colored diamonds in the laboratory conditions. Competent scientists apply the same chemical elements or additional techniques as found in nature to infiltrate diamonds and change their color, that is why created diamonds appear to be saturated and fadeless.

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