Eco Friendly Diamonds

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What's the price?

Speaking about the price, lab grown diamonds are cheaper than natural gemstones. The main reason is diamond growing does not imply a great deal of resources needed for diamond mining. Moreover, colored natural diamonds which are in fashion nowadays are very rare in nature, thus are very expensive. In this case, cultivated diamonds are much cheaper and affordable for jewelry fans. For instance, a golden ring with 1.3 carat yellowish natural diamond would cost around $20,000 while the same ring but with man made diamond would cost around $7,000 — three times cheaper. In addition, the cost for created diamonds increase proportionally with the size of the gemstone, the rule that never works with natural diamonds. Natural diamonds of fancy colors cost real fortune and are the gemstones that set price records for being sold for millions of dollars. Cultivated diamonds are real alternative to naturally occurring gemstones and are those grown to satisfy customers by affordable prices and top-notch quality.

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